🎯Vision, Mission & Community

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to establish a novel framework of decentralized finance by leveraging the distinctive features of NFTs, DAOs, and Venture Capital. We aim to provide Stark Citizen holders with unparalleled access to investment opportunities and exclusive benefits on the StarkNet network. Our vision for Stark Citizens is to be more than just an NFT project. We see ourselves at the forefront of an innovative blockchain venture that combines art, community, governance, and investment. We are building an ecosystem where digital art ownership provides direct access to DAO membership and venture capital investments. Through this, we seek to inspire a new era of digital ownership where every NFT has a purpose, and every owner has a voice.


The community should be the primary target of NFT projects. The Stark Citizens community is constantly in the loop, targeting the principle of co-development and keeping potential members' feedback a top priority. The development of potential community members is important to the ecosystem. Stark Citizens aims to keep every person in its community in a feedback loop, especially in design, promotion, and new perspectives. Again, with online or face-to-face activities to be developed for potential community members, it aims to gain their trust and support with increasing momentum, especially to connect them more with the ecosystem.

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